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I wanted to buy a Gaming computer. My budget is about $600 with tax. I know I will not get awesome performance. But I had an idea, what if I bought an everyday computer (about $399) then adding a Radeon HD 7770. Would this work? Adding a good graphics card to an everyday computer?
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    The problem with that method is the fact that, unless this has changed, as soon as a PC is opened up that you buy from a company they usually void the warranty on that machine. So id say build your own and get the 2-3 year warranty that comes standard with most individual parts. I can try to put together a build for under $700 if you'd like (OS included)
  2. Thank you for the speedy answer! Just some more background info... I'd like to play something like BF4 on low-med, at about 40-60 fps while recording. (1080p is necessary, but it would be nice) I wouldn't play any other game more graphically intensive than BF4. I know this is demanding but it is just an example. I probably wont play BF4 that much. A $700 pc with windows 8 would be nice, but I am very new to pc gaming. This is my first time ever dealing with gaming computers. I would need a network adapter as well. I think $600-$700 with tax is find, but it would be nice, and a lot easier if I could get one pre-built. Thank you again.
    You can check this and see if you like the price for what you get. It should allow more than decent playing at medium specs, with recording however you're probably gonna want a better GPU. Thats a 6 core processor from AMD so it'll handle about anything. It's not an I7 or I5 from intel, but for $100 less than an I5 its very good for the price. As far as BF4, it's more a CPU intensive game than GPU intensive, so it should run fine without recording. the PSU also has some headroom so you can replace the GPU with a better one later on.
  4. It looks like an awesome computer, thank you so much. I do see that there might be "potential issues/incompatibilities" not sure about that.. Could I switch the gtx 650 with a radeon 7770, it is a little cheaper, but about the same. The other thing is that I would have to order each of these products individually. (which is difficult for a noob) Is it possible to buy all of these together, or no? As for the network adapter, would that be able to connect to my computer?
  5. They weren't actually serious warnings. It was just because you might have had to update the BIOS to make that CPU work. This would fix it though, and decrease the price.
    The previous motherboard was more expensive than would really be necessary for this sort of PC.
  6. i saw the potential issues, but it refers to boards that were shipped before the vishera CPU's were shipped out. All boards now that are shipped have the BIO's updated to work with these CPU's.
    I use the PCpartpicker site to build PC's since it makes things super simple. Then just use that list from there to find the parts on whatever preferred site you choose. I use amazon to order my parts. But you could use that or newegg, tigerdirect, or microcenter.
    By network adapter do you mean wireless adapter?
  7. Yes I do mean wireless adapter. I do have a d-link that I bought for about $30, but im not sure if I will get good wifi. It is about a year old, so im not sure if its even compatible with windows 8, as I haven't used it in a long time.
  8. You can get a little USB wireless adapter for i think $8 on amazon, they aren't expensive at all
  9. I appreciate all of your answers very much. Thank you.
  10. Edit: Upgraded the HDD.
  11. You're Welcome. And if you've never built a PC, it's super simple. But if you have any question's. Look up some stuff on here or go to Youtube and search Newegg, they have a step by step video guide on how to build them
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