watching videos but suddenly stop playing and my pc hangs up (not streaming online)

Hi, everyone. After i downloaded my videos and i watch them, some of them will be like suddenly stop playing and after i quit it i found my laptop got some problem. When you execute a command it'll take longer than usual to respond (such as i open a folder and it takes several seconds instead of immediately pop up), and eventually freezes sometimes. It make me frustrated after I waited about 15 mins and the problem continues and i have no choice but to reset everytime I face it.

Anyone have an idea for this? For extra knowledge, I am using both window media player and VLC player to watch and had the same result. Only MP4 videos had problem for now, others seems no problem. I downloaded these video from and through google chrome. Personally, i think is not virus problem after i scanned and the reason is the video itself, the site, or even google. I re-download the same video and it has no more problem.

Please help me It will be troublesome as i can't check on all my videos one by one and for some reason i will have no internet connection for a while and i can't re-download it anymore. Thank you for any kindly assistance
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  1. If you don't have time to download it anymore, lets just assume the problem is related to your graphics card, Google Chrome or media player.
    Update your GPU and OS. Do it!! Reset VLC's settings going to Start>Menu>All Programs>VLC>Reset settings. Update Google Chrome manually:

    Stop and K-Lite Codec while running VLC.
  2. Reset VLC settings already and it still happens. Not media player problem.

    My google chrome updates automatically and it is in latest version now. If assuming that google is not up-to-date causing the problem, I think it is not.

    About my GPU and OS..well, My graphic card is AMD Radeon HD 6320 which is quite lower quality. My laptop has about 2-3 years lifetime and i knew everything is going to grow worse. I am looking to format it but not quite sure it will whether fix the problem.

    Stop and K-Lite Codec while running VLC.

    Don't understand this. What is K-Lite Codec? I have it installed in my laptop which is K-Lite Mega Codec but I don't know what is this for....

    Thanks for your reply. Any further information would be a great help.
  3. The K-Lite Codec is like a dictionary, it tells the media player how to read some video formats, like .mov and .mkv.
    How much of free space do you have in your HDD? One of my theory is that it is almost full, and your video files are fragmented and it makes hard for VLC find all fragments and stick fast enought to play the video.
    Any off-board graphic card (even Intel HD Graphics) is powerful enought to play Full HD Video in full screen mode. By updating it I meant it could be so old that your media player couldn't recognize it's library.

    "...and the reason is the video itself, the site, or even google. I re-download the same video and it has no more problem."
    If the problem is the video file and everthing ran fine after re-downloaded it, then the first file could be corrupted and that may be the case of the others.
  4. My laptop have 2 hard disks. I put all my video files in second disk which is D:. The corrupted files was in D: and it has about 50gb free of 230gb. For extra details, another disk has 100gb free of 230gb.

    Does the quantity of files downloaded at the same times matters? I was downloading several video files at one time so does it cause my videos corrupted? Further details, the videos downloaded at the same time are corrupted together instead of being corrupted randomly.
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