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Hi guys, im planning to buy a 30 metre long DSL wire to replace the 1 im using because im moving my modem and router further away from the DSL socket ( the one from the wall, i dont know what it called, a telephone line?). Then i realised that the DSL wire was connected to a DSL splitter, then another DSL wire from B side of the DSL splitter to my modem. ( The DSL splitter has 2 sides, A side has 1 port and B side with 2 ports ). Im wondering is this DSL splitter important? And how should i connect the 30m DSL wire correctly ?
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  1. Every phone needs to go through a DSL splitter. The modem itself does not.

    However, remember that the DSL signal is affected by length, especially cheap flat phone cable. You could knock a few hundred kb/s off your sync rate.

    Get decent cat5e or better cable.
  2. Does that mean i have to buy 2 cat5e dsl cable ? since one connecting the splitter and the socket and another one connecting the splitter and modem?
  3. You don't need a splitter for the modem.

    Only for phones.
  4. The guy who installed internet for me connected the splitter for the modem but not for the phones, LOL
  5. Ah.

    I imagine you were having issues with the DSL dropping when you picked up the phone?
  6. I seldom use phone :(

    I have another question yeah . Im using TL WR 1043 ND TP LINK Router, when i move my laptop like 6 m away from it, then i connect to the wifi , it show 4/5 bars and signal was good. but after like 15 minutes later, the wifi icon stil showing good signal and having internet access, but when i go to google chrome, it say unable to connect to the internet, so i actually dint have internet access at that time but why the wifi icon still showing everything's fine ? i have to reconnect to the wifi again in order to get internet access, but the problem keep on occuring every 15-30 minutes, i have to reconnect again and again. any idea why is this happening ? this problem doesnt occur if my laptop is near to the router
  7. Don't know. It's possible that there's a lot of interference or something around you, but I'm not sure.
  8. Ok thanks :D Btw is it true that aluminium can can speed up the wifi ? o.o
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    An aluminium can, if done properly, makes a directional antenna. Good in one direction, trash in the others.
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