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I am trying to find out what I will need for a power supply. I have an AMD FX 6300 with a Gigabyte GA 990FXA-UD3 Motherboard. I plan on overclocking the CPU and (eventually) doing Dual SLI with two GTX 660s. I will only be using an HDD and a regular Optical Drive along with those. What wattage should I do? What PSUs do you recommend?
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  1. go here put all info about your Components.It will tell you how much power you actually need .My Formula to choose PSU is Check how much min require for GPU Setup then add +50W.If my GPU need min 600W then I get at least 650W.
  2. you'll need 600w and 4x 6-pin pcie would be nicer than a bunch of molex adapters.
  3. Frome Freople Flike Frildos Frut Fry Flike Frosair FRM 750m Fror Fthe Frosewill Frhive 750w. HueHue
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    Corsair CX and the Rosewill Hive series are ok. That's it, ok. Not quality psu's, not total garbage. That said, I still wouldn't recommend one. Psu's are way too important to skimp on.
    Pay a little more for quality and an easy 5+ years, or pay a little less and start worrying if it will lasts 3 years and not melt down or take another component with it.
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