All Windows files set to Read Only and can't change!

I'm currently running Windows 8.1. I installed Fallout New Vegas and the I got the nexus mod manager to add some mods and have a quick play session but then there's an error opening the directory. It says error! Improper write permissions. I investigate and find the folder as well as the master file, (Program Files (x86)), are all set to read only and I unchecked the box and it looked as if it actually changed the attributes but then I went right back in and it was exactly the same as before. What do I do? I'm awful with software lol

*Edit: It seems as if nearly every file is read only.
**Edit: Ok not all files, just the main windows files like perflogs, Program files, and Program Files (x86)

******EDIT: Never mind. I just realized how dumb I am and i forgot that I set it to that a while back. Please forgive me.
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  1. Glad you solved your issue!
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