Intense hard disk activity and ram usage after coming back

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue which has been bugging me for quite a while. Basically, I leave my computer on overnight and don't close it to download stuff and updates and also because I don't like the time to boot up.

Well anyways after coming back to my computer at the morning, my computer becomes almost like a brick. The hard drive activity is pretty much always red, everything lags a lot, mouse event, or any input. CPU is not having much of a usage, but RAM is almost full. I attached a screenshot if it helps.

I also noticed one of my hard drives, the one which is slower and I only use it for backup and no programs or games, is almost 100% all the time, while the other one which has windows installation and program files is not that intense in activity. Also notice the read and write speed is not that big, but response time is huge.

Any idea the cause of it? It only happens if I come back to my computer for a long time not attending it.

I disable system restore, Windows defender real time protection and sleep.

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  1. Anyone? It only happens if I leave my computer unattended for hours and then come back, it is a problem especially when I game as it stutters. It disappears when I restart however. For some reason The D drive is by far doing most the activity, which I don't understand why as I don't have anything installed on D, just video files and music.
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