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im looking to add a affordable decent graphics card that can run dayz at med settings.I have a Dell 530s and its PSU is 300w. Any recommendations anyone? Price range 0-120 USD *slim case*
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  1. Does the gtx750ti come as a slim card? If not your best bet will be the 7750/70.
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    *The SLIM GTX750Ti is your best bet. More info:

    You may run an HD7770 with that power supply, though you would need a MOLEX->PCIe 6-pin adapter likely (some HD7750/70 models have it included).

    No guarantee you won't have power issues though.

    The GTX750Ti is by far your best choice:

    This is a LOW PROFILE card so should fit, and can work with most 300W supplies. It will however cost more than your budget since it's $160 but I simply can't recommend anything else with your PSU and wish to run Dayz.

    If you can't stretch your budget I suggest finding a slim HD7750 though they may cost at least $100. The GTX750Ti uses the new Maxwell GPU so it's very power efficient. It's the most POWERFUL graphics card a 300W Power Supply can run.

    Here's a review:

    Store ($160 USD; probably not cheaper anywhere):
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