Gaming rig still not running FSX with smooth framerates, any ideas?

Hey guys!

I'd really appreciate some input from the community on this. Basically I want to be able to run FSX (Flight Simulator X) with smooth FPS. The sim tends to be very CPU intensive but from a hardware standpoint, I figure that my rig would be overkill for a game thats been out for years now. When I fly low im getting an fps of 10-25 on average in airports such as SFO. I have settings on medium high, but for all intents and purposes, I would think that the rig could run it on high with no problems. Also, for FSX, I did not install service pack 1 and 2 because I got the acceleration expansion which I believe has them included in its software.

Here is my build:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
FX 8320 8 Core Processor 4.5 OC
8Gb Gskill DDR3 Ram
GA-970a-ud3 Mobo
600W PSU
120Gb Samsung EVO SSD
500Gb 7200rpm barracuda

I just cant seem to figure out why I can run battlefield 4 on Ultra with better FPS than FSX. I've checked and it is utilizing the multiple cores (how efficiently, idk)

I'm getting the upgrade itch anyways again, so let me know if there's anyone with any suggestions. If it needs more CPU, I have an older PC in my closet that just needs a new mobo to work, so idk of theres a viable way of adding its cpu power into the equation as well.
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  1. Hi:)
    Are all your graphics drivers and system drivers up to date?
    Also what did you use to check your CPU usage? Can you tell if it's maxing out 1 core of your CPU?
  2. jay2577 said:
    Are all your graphics drivers and system drivers up to date?
    Also what did you use to check your CPU usage? Can you tell if it's maxing out 1 core of your CPU?

    Yes, system driver's are up to date, and to check my CPU usage I was using both speed fan and CPU-Z to check each other. Both said I was at 100% CPU usage when fps dropped. To check and see if the game was using all the cores, I was just going off the graphical display in speed fan that shows each core as a health bar, and they were all maxed during fps drop.
  3. It is strange:(
    That CPU should be able to handle that game well especially at 4.5Ghz.

    Have you tried disabling core parking?
  4. By core parking, I'm assuming you mean the function that tunes down the CPU when it starts getting hot? Yes, I turned that off.
  5. Best answer
    I'm a FSX flyer too. Did you install the updates SP1 & SP2? It addresses FSX and multicore functionality.
    What version do you have? just FSX or Deluxe version? Acceleration should automatically install SP2.

    I'm running FSX on a 6 year old rig with a quad core (Q6600) running on XP. Your system should run it with no problem.

    Have you tried this thread?

    Hope it works out and happy flying.
  6. Thanks, thats a very helpful thread that I hadn't read yet.
  7. Your welcome and sorry for not reading your post thoroughly. I somehow missed where you mentioned you installed acceleration. There are many FSX threads out there. While I'm here, in case you don't know about it, the add-on REX is a must have.

    Feel free to come back with any more questions.
  8. I was looking up some more information, and I came accross one post that said in some cases, programs like Rex will actually help performance because they are newer engines that more modern computers render more efficiently. I looked into REX and it looks awesome! However they have a ton of different bundles and I'm kind of lost, which REX product would you deem most essential?
  9. REX Essential Plus Overdrive I strongly recommend getting it from the FlightSim Store (should be a listing to the side of the screen).

    Did you get your sim smooth yet? If you have "Bloom" enabled, try disabling it. When I did that my performance got a lot better. I wouldn't count on REX to improve your core FSX performance. Get it to work as best you can then a program like REX will just enhance it. Perhaps you can ask on the REX forums before purchase. The discussion about getting FSX super smooth is a very old and ongoing topic. I think it just varies from system to system and you just have to find your sweet spot. For me personally, I got smooth frame rates on my Q6600 with a NVIDIA 9800GT and 3.5Gig of RAM on XP. I only experience studders when I'm flying around places like NYC or LA but nothing too dramatic. I just got a new GTX 760 and I will be testing how far I can push those sliders today.
  10. I just downloaded and tried FSX boost 2013, and it seems to have helped a lot. It boosts the performance and manages your GPU for you without changing your quality settings it seems. Im just getting the stutter in large places such as SFO, NYC, LA etc too so I think its about as good as it will get without dropping $400 on a new Mobo thats compatible with the I7 4770k chipset. Also I have a GTX 760 as well and it can handle anything fsx throughes at it. Its just the CPU thats bottlenecking
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