My computer won't boot into Windows 7.

I recently tried using a wireless receiver to connect an Xbox controller to my PC. After the driver installation the screen goes black and when I try to restart my computer it won't boot into Windows 7. The screen goes black after a few seconds and won't give me a chance to boot into safe mode, even after I have removed the receiver. Any suggestions?
This is my first time to ask a question here so I apologise If I have chosen the wrong category.
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    Re-set the CMOS and then try re-starting the computer. There should be a reset button on the motherboard and/or at the back of the case.

    Another way to do this is to remove the RTC battery (CMOS) and leave it out for 10 minutes. Then re-insert the battery and re-start the computer. This will set the computer to factory (original) settings.
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