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I tried my hand at building my first build. Though, I jumped my max budget by 20 dollars, and am looking to lower the costs. Also wondering how well my part selections were for my budget. The end result of this build may be what I use to play Battlefield 4 on High/Ultra Settings. Thanks!
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    Unless Wi-Fi is absolutely needed, I think I would personally take the money and put it toward a good aftermarket cooler. I'm thinking a Hyper 212 will be hard pressed to fit the Xigmatek case (which seems to be discontinued according to Newegg, might be available on Ebay or Amazon). If wanting to use that case I might suggest a shorter version of the GTX 750Ti like this one The case does appear to have a complete lack of cable management, I might suggest shopping a little more for cases
    Just what I would look to do here
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