Haswell Refresh...a few questions.

So I am currently building my first ever PC. I do a lot of processor heavy activities (mostly audio production), so I'm definitely going for an i7. I definitely plan to over clock, so I have been looking at the 4770K. However...

I just read that Haswell is due for a refresh very soon, specifically the over clocked versions to a new construction, code named "Devils canyon". These are supposed to improve over clocking by fixing issues that current models have with heat dispersion. Since I plan to over clock, this is important. However, I am reading conflicting information about whether these processors will support the z87 chipset or not. I have not purchased a motherboard yet, but have decided on the asus z87i-deluxe. This is an ITX board.

So my questions....

1 - is it really worth waiting for this new series given that they may over clock better? Just how likely is it that I'll see better over clocking?
2 - how long until they arrive?
3 - will they support the z87 chipset or not?
4 - if not, is the new z97 chipset going to have performance improvements, and will I likely have to wait awhile for a z97 version of the Asus z87i-deluxe?
5 - are these refreshed processors (and z97 motherboards, if I need one) likely to cost significantly more than the current models?

I know that these questions may not have definitive answers, but I'm looking for the thoughts of more experienced builders!
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  1. Haswell will stay Z87, Broadwell will be Z97, from my understanding. I am not sure if there will be a new K-series chip or not with the Haswell refresh.
  2. If Intel continues their "tick - tock" method, Broadwell will still use Z87 and Z97 will be introduced with Skylake. The Haswell refresh are just going to be more models released from the same die the current one's use. Most of them simply have a 100mhz bump and no other difference. I would expect to see an ultra low watt model and probably one with the Iris Pro HD 5200 graphics. Basically don't expect any significant changes in the refresh.
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    I haven't been reading about the refresh, but I remember something that the K-edition of the refresh will come later than the non-k-edition.
  4. Word has been Broadwell will require a new chipset. It is all speculation at this point though.
  5. logainofhades said:
    Word has been Broadwell will require a new chipset. It is all speculation at this point though.

    Unfortunately Broadwell is just too far off or me at this point - I'm looking to have this thing done before the summer is out.
  6. So from this article, it's looking like the non-K version of the refreshed CPUs will be supported by the 8-series chipset, but that the overclockable CPUs will require a 9-series board, and not be available until Q3.

    Too long for me to wait, but thought I'd post this since others might be wondering.
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