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I'm wondering about converting a windows home server to a linux based without losing the data (as there are a few TB of media). Also any recommendations of a distro to use.

In the couple of years that I have had the server I have found that I don't use the features around media center that were my original reason for going with windows. Instead I am just browsing to the file and watching with VLC.

I am also soon going to be rebuilding the server into an old stereo (large furniture piece) I inherited. I would like to be able to mount a small monitor in the lid of the stereo in order set up playlists for the music stored on the server.

I've done a little bit of playing with linux with an eee pc and a raspi. Only basics, but am wanting to learn more. And I built the server and my HTPC so I am comfortable with the hardware side of things.

Any suggestions of a distro, or tips on how to complete the conversion would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Quote:
    converting a windows home server to a linux based without losing the data

    OS and applications living on one drive. Not a partition, a separate physical drive.
    Media living on other drives.
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    Honestly your use case is so generic that any distribution will fit your needs.

    Personally I use openelec as my HTPC/NAS/sickbeard/couch potato/torrent box. Does everything I need out of the box with basically zero configuration.

    If you need something more customized I suggest looking at Debian.
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