PC Specs | Is My PC Good for gaming? (Can it run games like BF4?)

Computer Ventury /Core i7 Haswell - 4770/Universal CPU Cooler

1. Core i7 Haswell -4770 3.4GHz, Intel 8MB, S1150, Tray.

2. GAMMAXX S40,Deepcool,Universal CPU Cooler 130w,2011,1156,1366,775,FM1,AM2,AM3. 17.8~21dB(A).

3. B85M-E, Asus LGA 1150,B85,1PCIX,2PCIa,1PCII,6 SATA,video,4DDR3,GLAN.

4. KHX1600C9D3-4G,Kingston,DDR3 - 1600MHz,4HB HyperX.

5. SH103S3/240G,Kingston HiperX 3K 2.5" 240GB SATA III SSD 6.0 Gb/s.

6. GTX760-DC2OC-2GD5, Asus GTX760 Direqt CU II OC DDR5 256 bit 2 GB PCI Express, 2DVI/HDMI/VGA/Display P.

7. ST1000DM003, Seagate Barracuda 1TB, 7200rpm,64mb SATAIII

8. 800W,ITD,Power Supply,1*20+4Pin,1*4Pin P4MB, 1*6Pin PCIE, 6*HDD,2*Sata,1*FDD,1*12cm black fan.

9. Hero-29,ITD,case,0.5mmSECC,All Black,USB 2.0,1*12cm Blue led fan in front,Brown Box.

10. SH-224DB/BEBE, Samsung, DVD PlusMinus RW,B;acl 22x 130ms 1.5mb 1.5Gbps SATA.

11. ROCK MASTER V3.0 Deepcool, Fan Control Panel,Multi-Functional Card Reader,2USB 3.0 Ports.

Rate This PC - Very Bad//Bad//Average//Good//Perfect//Very Good.

(And Tell me if it can run games like BF4 and Crysis 3 ^.^)
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  1. Best answer
    //Very Good//, Yes it will run (probably anything) on the highest settings.

    i5-4670K would be plenty and i7-4770 is 30% better than the i5-4670K. (That's overall, I know i5-4670K does the same in gaming as the i7, the i7 is better for editing and non gaming related things.)

    But I suggest you get 8GB of RAM instead of 4GB because it would help a lot if you're playing BF4 for example and 8GB of RAM in the standard for gaming anyway.
  2. It will play any game but looking at 30fps is some games on max. Could definitely use 4GB more of ram and GPU is average.
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