First gaming pc build $550

Hey guys I was wonering if I could make a computer. I think this build would be good for 550(found r9 270x for $50 cheaper but its used) Would this run bf 4 on ultra at 60fps or is there a better build for the money I am only 14 so not that good with computers. Here is the link
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  1. Fix the link :) PS. There's no way an R9 270x will run BF4 60FPS on Ultra.
  2. link works fine for me
  3. Mark jonez said:
    link works fine for me

    You can't just copy the URL there's a Permalink on the left side of the site copy and paste that here so we can see your build.

  4. how well would it run bf4
  5. Best answer
    Battlefield 4:

    This system would run Battlefield 4 at High Settings (High = Ultra in BF4) smoothly with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 BUT because you only have 4GB of RAM it will only run it at Medium Settings, 8GB of RAM is standard for gaming so I highly suggest you get that amount.

    Also if you're going to play BF4 at High Settings a 430w PSU is pushing it quite hard, get a 500w 80+ Bronze Certified PSU so the PC doesn't blow up on your face.
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