Thinking of building a PC for gamining and need help figuring out what I should get (starting from scratch)

I won't be doing this for a few months I'm gonna try to budget at least 500 dollars should I try to save more? I want to mainly play games on it both single and multiplayer such as sky rim with mods or GTA v if it ever makes it to PC , please provide a list of parts you would recommend, also wifi or directly connected?
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  1. Save up to 1000$ then you'll get an awesome PC for gaming!
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    I don't think you can get a really strong cpu and graphics card for $500.

    I suggest you start with a build that uses a strong cpu and depends on integrated graphics.

    Something like a i5-4440 quad and a B85 based motherboard.
    Use a stronger than needed 500-650w psu that can handle any future graphics card.

    That will let you play non action games using integrated graphics.
    When you have the $250 or so for a good graphics card like a GTX760 you can just drop it in.
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