Can you tell me which graphic card will work a charm with AMD fx6300 and Gigabyte GA 78LMT S2 Mobo?

Im trying to make a gaming PC so can you guys tell which gfx card will fit the bill for my AMD fx6300 and the mobo Gigabyte Ga 78lmt s2?
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  1. Well it mostly will depend on what you will be using the rig for. If it is gaming a GTX 670 or better would work. But that also depends on the PSU you have as to weather it would be adequate to push the GPU.

    It would be most helpful to know what you are going to be using/playing the most with your system.
  2. Im thinking of getting a 450 watt PSU and im gonna use it for gaming and video editing well the kind of games im gonna play are like hitman absolution, gta4, fifa etc.
    Well that gtx 670 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay much much much much tooo my country I can get a ps3 with that much money..
  3. so what is the bill and do you have preferred sites for shopping?
    If the money are restricted I'd suggest, 7750, 7770, gtx 750, gtx 750TI. whatever fits you.
    All are decent cards, just do not expect wonders - they are like basic gamer cards.
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    7870, on ebay there around the 180$ price range. If not that, then the 7770 will work wonders for the price (80$ - 100$). Can use it for 1080p gaming.
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