Is my HDD gone bad???

When i boot up the computer there is a message at the startup that says:
"Hard Drive Self Monitoring System has reported that a parameter has exceeded it's normal operating range"
I downloaded the Crystal Disk info and my HDD health is shown Bad. There is a red dot at reallocated sectors count and at the current there is written 135 and at the Worst it is also written 135 and Threshold are 140. And there is also a yellow dot at current Pending sector count Current 189 and Worst is 150. Please help me guys i just bought this HDD day before and it is already failing.
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  1. Sounds like the drive is simply bad. If it is new than you have a warranty and I think you will need to use it. The drive mfg. makes diagnostic software for their particular drive, check with them.
  2. Do i really need to sent it back i mean i bought it second hand and i had one day checking warranty and that warranty just ended tonight. Do you think that there isn't any way to repair it.
  3. What brand drive is it? Let's say it's a Western Digital. You need to go to their website and DL their diagnostic software and run it. When you do make sure the drive is cabled tightly and maybe try a different cable AND a different SATA port on the motherboard. This would rule out a bad cable or port. If the drive still tests bad then repairing it would not likely be practical I don't think but you could also try running chkdsk in Windows as a last ditch effort.
  4. The drive is mechanically failing and there is nothing you can do about it other than replace it. You can zero the drive which will solve the pending sectors but more bad sectors will soon appear and eventually it will be unable to be recognized by your PC.
  5. So guys i did what you guys told me> Tried different Sata cables and tried different ports and tried western digital diagnostic tool. All three test failed in the diagnostic tool. And my warranty had to end today. Isn't there any way to repair this.
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    No, it's almost certainly dead or dying. Sorry. Buying used hard drives is never a very good idea.
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