Hook PS3 up to monitor. Will it work?

Hey guys, im gonna make this short. I have a monitor that only has vga and dvi inputs. I DONT have an hdmi cable or port on my monitor. If i get this adapter:, could i play my ps3 off my monitor? Thanks ahead of time!
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  1. Interesting. I believe you could, but the vga cable adapter would only be for the hd video. In order to play sound you would need to get another stereo audio cable adapter to a 3.5 mm jack. The adapter you chose would transmit the sound via vga and then you could use the stereo audio rca adapter to transmit the sound. When you set up using the HD RCA cables, you still need to plug in the white and red cables in order to get sound. Perhaps you could add a cable like this as well:
  2. Sounds complex. Would it just be easier to get something like this?:
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    Same deal. VGA won't take in the audio input. It will only trasnfer the video. In order to transfer sound also you will have to have a separate audio cable. It wouldn't be very complex. You would just have to plug the red and white cables into the rca-jack converter and then into the headphone jack of your monitor. The problem is that no matter what, your VGA input can not transfer sound. It simply does not have room for sound. An hdmi cable on the other hand CAN carry digital sound, but this input would be lost in the conversion because VGA does not have the ability to carry sound.
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