i5 4670k VS AMD FX-8350 for Multitasking

So yeah, basically the kind of multitasking I'll be doing is recording Steam games (like Rust & TF2) while in a Skype call. That's about it. I'd do some video editing (with Premiere Elements)as well. I know it seems kind of small but which processor would handle it better?
Additional specs I want to get
GTX 660 2 GB
8 GB Ram

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  1. I have the FX83** chip and it is great for multitasking. I just read this post and why not show how my taskbar usually looks like. =)
    Also running 8gb of ram, 1600 dimms at 1866mhz CL9. =) Works great. But I am looking towards a new build soon. Not displeased with my current rig. Something is wrong with the mobo, so i thought I would test my first intel build ever =)
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    For gaming the i5 would certainly yield better frame rates and I think that still stands when recording as well. The i5 is also faster in most media creation applications as well. I know the 8350 excels at streaming games so keep that in mind if you ever plan on that.

    Other than that I don't think the 8350 has much of a chance against the 4670K other than maybe a little more overclocking headroom if you're comfortable.

    With that said, a 4670K may be a little bit overkill for games like TF2 and light multi-tasking, an i3 or quad core FX would do the job in my opinion.
  3. 8350 The 8 cores is just completely great for multitasking. You can have like 2222222 games up and it wont la- yeah it will lag, but 8 cores is great for multitasking. Intel has good quality quad core, but it is really meant for gaming, intel's 4 cores usually wont cut it if you are doing alot of things at once
  4. For multitasking the FX-8350 is the better processor and it's also a great gaming CPU too.
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