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Microsoft office 2013 very slow install

i am trying to install Microsoft office 2013 pro plus on windows 7 64bit,
it is terribly slow to install,its been 2 hours to install 30%,is this normal for it to be so slow?
i am interested to see if others have had this same issue.
thank you
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  1. That does seem a bit long. Where did you download the install media from?
  2. from Microsoft
  3. Understood. That is indeed strange. Did it ever complete the install?
  4. Sounds like either a bad burn or a CD/DVD drive that's downshifted into PIO mode.
  5. Could also be a defective optical drive (assuming the install is from DVD/CD). Is this the downloaded version or a physical version?
  6. it is a downloaded version
  7. I would suggest a fresh download then (if not successfully installed by now).
  8. i managed to get a friends physical copy and installed it fine,just used my activation key,all good thanks for your assistance everyone
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    Good news. It does sound like a corrupted download. I suggest making a copy for future use (if needed).
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