Thinking about getting a FX-9590

I am thinking of getting a FX-9590. I currently have a Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard, with a FX-8120. I have a Noctua NH-D14 for cooling. Would my cooler keep the F-9590 cool?
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  1. Don't do it! Just get a FX8320 and overclock it.
  2. I would have to agree with the guy up there, and unless you have an extremely good cooling system, you are done. 4.7 GHz is completely ridiculous. I want it.
  3. Now, if I don't get the 9590, why get the 8320 over the 8350? Wouldn't the 8350 overclock to faster speeds than the 8320 will? Also, is it true the 9590 is basically an over clocked 8350?

  4. They are all overclocked 8320s.
  5. ^This. You pay much more for something you can do yourself.
    Get the 8320 and invest in a nice cooling setup.
  6. So I wouldn't be able to overclock an 8350 more than I would an 8320?
  7. Not really, both will hit a thermal/voltage limit at the same points (with chip to chip variation given)
  8. Regardless of what rout I go, would the NH D14 keep the Fx 9590 or 9570 cool?
  9. Quote:
    Regardless of what rout I go, would the NH D14 keep the Fx 9590 or 9570 cool?

    Probably but the FX9xxx cpus come with their own water cooler.
  10. I did not receive a heatsync with my fx9590. I have a 120mm aluminum radiator with a 120mm fan on either side of it and a copper plate on the processor. It does a decent job runs a little warm (live in south florida with ac set to 80-82F) idle but it doesn't build up a whole lot when I am pushing it. I think any closed system water cooler out there right now will do a decent job at it.
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    I recently obtained an FX-9590, up grading from an 8350. There is something to be said about a factory overclock, The FX 9590 is more than a
    binned 8350 imo. Now that the price has dropped considerably since release, I had to get one for posterity and to see the difference.
    There are a few considerations however.
    1. You must have the correct supported MB and updated BIOS.
    2. All 8 and 4 pin connectors must be installed
    3. The FX-9590 does not come with a stock CPU fan and must be liquid cooled, if you are even thinking OC.

    I have achieved a modest but rock stable 5.2GHz OC and took it to 5.5GHz. The thing that stopped stability was the rapid heat climb of the VRMs.

    My H105 cooler copes just fine with temps around 22-26c ambient and 60-65c under full load HWBOT.

    An air cooled setup is not the way to go.
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