First time OC'er needs help! tips/advice? AMD FX8320! Help!!

Hey guys! Long time listener... first time caller! (See what I did there?) I've never overclocked my computers before but now that I've got a CPU designed to be cranked up a touch I figure I should at least start learning how it works and what I have to do to make everything work.

My Rig:
Cooler Master HAF 922 (stock fans atm)
AMD FX8320 (stock settings and cooling)
MSI 970-G46
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 770 4gb (stock settings atm)
Corsair Vengeance 16gb (2x 8GB)
Corsair G600 power supply
OCZ SSD boot drive/ 1tb storage hard drive
QNIX 2560x1440p 120hz monitor (my native resolution is 1440p for all my games)

Ok now that I've broken the ice here's the situation. I've just gotten an FX8320 mounted into my MSI 970A-G46 for a couple days and I've been watching my temps (through Open Hardware Monitor).

The CPU temps tend to be around 30-40c while the socket temps are between 45-55c varying loads. My GTX770 usually coasts around 33-40c.

As I said I've never overclocked one of my rigs before so I'm completely new to all of this. I've read that the FX8320 can fry at 62c or higher so i started thinking about getting an aftermarket cooler for it (Plus this stock fan is pretty noisy for apparently no reason at all)

I've yet to run Prime95 as I'm nervous I might end up frying my CPU or something with this stock cooler.

I was researching a Noctua NH-D14 or a Corsair H110. However, upon going to see if the NH-D14 would fit onto my case (as I'm kind of nervous about putting something filled with water into my expensive computer) I learned that it may not fit on the board. I also found that people do not like this motherboard as VRM temps can get pretty high and fry out. So now I'm worried about that too!

The VRM temps right now are at ~33c(the lowest of the three) and ~48c (the highest of the three).
Do these temps increase under load? Or are they a solid figure? i'm under the impression these temps would increase if I increased the wattage of my CPU. Right?

i got this motherboard because it was the best board for the budget I had at the time. People have said that you should replace it if you plan on overclocking so I'm kind of nervous about tinkering with stuff now.

I'm curious about what all I need to be worried about or looking into with my current setup. Would a Corsair H110 be worth the money if I can only overclock to a certain level? Is this board/cpu combination doomed to fail? What should I set my CPU/GPU settings to for a solid OC?

I should add that eventually I wanted to get another GTX770 4gb card so I could SLI them as I run my games at 2560x1440p resolutions. I may even get either another 1080 monitor to sidebar itunes/browser/desktop with or maybe even (dare I say it) two more 1440p monitors to do 1440p surround gaming. (Go big or go home, right?)

To give an idea of my rigs benchmarks I get a solid 60+ FPS in pretty much everything I run at 1440p on ultra settings.

Battlefield 4 seems to be my current crutch running the game at 1440p with 200% scaling I get ~5-9fps. 100% scale gets me about 45-70. I figure If I OC my rig a bit I might be able to get ~125-150% scale resolution up. The game is simply gorgeous at this resolution scaled up.

I am also aware I'd have to get another PSU if i got another GTX770 so no need to remind me of that atm. :)

Not sure if there's any one who'll be able to give the exact answer I'm hoping to get i guess but I know Tom's is the best place to come when in need of computer related anything so here goes!

Thanks for reading my long and drawn out post! If I left anything out just ask me and I should reply pretty quickly!
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  1. Oh!! And I have been tempted to use OC Genie (supported by my motherboard) but haven't had the guts to dive into that yet either! Would this be a considerable option for me? or is a manual OC over all a better route to go?

    I'm not looking for kill my system in a years time with overclocking it to high... but I would like to see if I could at least get the most performance out of the hardware I own.

    Thanks again!
  2. Seems like a few people on here have been able to clock their 8320 to ~4.0-4.2ghz. I have no idea what I'm doing with all of this though. hahaha.
  3. OK so last night I overclocked my GPU a bit and fired up Far Cry 3 on ultra 8X AA and got ~30-35 fps. (The game was gorgeous. No Tearing.)

    A GTX780 gets ~40-45fps and a GTX780Ti gets ~70-80 fps. I'm reconsidering this surround 1440p at the moment because from what I've read in order to get the full Ultra 60+ fps with 3x1 1440p setup I'd probably need 2 more additional 770 4gb cards (the best way to utilize the 4gb vram as well) so... since that upgrade is damn near what it'd cost to get a titan I'm debating what to do. I could live with a single 1440p display... but as an enthusiast... well... I'm sure you all know how that feels. Haha.

    Now if only they'd start getting 4k 3x1 surround utilized for programming and GPU loads so we could all die happy and go to virtual gaming heaven. (Pretty sure we got AT LEAST 2 more years before that happens.)


    I didn't see my CPU load go above 50% so I'm thinking I could probably live with an overclock of ~4.0-4.2ghz. If the motherboard will support that.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys/gals!
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