10/100 or Gigabit networking

I have been stuck with two options for my home network.
Story: I just moved out from my old apartment and getting a different ISP provider (Australian Telstra changing from crappy TPG).

Modem: NetComm NB604N ~ My old modem, working only as modem

Router: Asus RT-AC68U ~ for my home network

My cousin signed the contract (while I wasn't there) he also signed for their modem.
Modem: Technicolor TG587nV3

Question: My NetComm NB604N has Lan connection speed of 10/100 base T maximum and the new modem has a gigabit lan port. Will i get better speed with the new modem?

I know ISP gives limited internet speed (2-3MB/s at max) but still is there any benefit if I get the new modem or stick with the old one?

thanks for your replies.
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  1. Since the modem will be connected via Lan port to the Asus router, I'm sure that the Gigabit Lan port will not give any benefit with internet speed yet still thought to ask here.
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    you will not gain with a new modem because of the speed limit of the provider so use the one you have .
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