Reformatted entire harddrive of recently purchased Acre laptop, installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Having trouble with some drivers

Bought an Acer V3-772G-9829 from Amazon recently as a desktop replacement. It came with Windows 8 pre-installed but I have a Windows 7 Ultimate install disk and wanted it on there. I successfully installed Windows 7 Ultimate, but I lost my driver backup. I checked the Acer website,ll while the drivers listed only "officially" support Windows 8/8.1 most have worked fine for me.

However, I still have 3 big issues
1. The computer does not recognize when I connect an ethernet cable to the ethernet port. (Wifi works great)

2. Whenever I try to install the drivers for the nVidia graphics card it keeps telling me I need to install Intel drivers first, without telling me which ones.

3. I can't get the computer to read either the USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports

Intel i7-4702MP 2.2 GHz CPU
nvidia GeForce GT 750M
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  1. was made to work with windows 8 so there is no support for win 7 see this and try to find the one your computer parts use after that maybe we could find a driver .
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    sound like it is mostly Intel based... goto the intel Auto loader:

    it is a Java based utility... I used it recently to get some drivers that windows update had wrong...
  3. I'm trying that but it just keeps saying "Analyzing computer". Any idea on the turn around time?
  4. find the name and model for intel chipset and the same for the network could be atheros or broadcom .
  5. How do I find the name of the chipset? Device manager? I found the driver for the ethernet port, but I have to go into the network menu and disable wifi before it will go to the wired connection. How do I fix that? I appreciate all the help so far.
  6. install the network one then just desactivate the wireless and try to connect wired you wont loose anything .
  7. If the intel thing stalls, there is something waiting for your input... either approval to install or loading Java, or other permissions...
  8. Got the internet working and found the Intel drivers that nVidia wanted. Now I'm down to just the USB outlets. Once again appreciate the answers corroded & scout_03.
  9. there could be with the chipset driver ,i put a link and install the plug in maconfig it is all fre that will link you to the missing driver on the maker site
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