800 to 1000$ gaming build for running games at high or medium

So my friends is having his birthday soon and he has a desktop that runs most games at 20Fps he only has source games.
But I am looking for a build for him that can run games at somewhat decent quality ranging from 800-1000 dollars
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  1. i would get a gtx 770, which you can get for about 310 bucks, and an amd 8350 for 190 bucks. Those will allow him to play on ultra settings. As a PSU i would recommend a 600w 80plus bronze (since you are on a budget) such as the corsair cx 600. Add in a wd blue hard drive and the cheapest 8 gigs of ram you can find (in my area its kingston hyperx for about 70 bucks), put in on an am3+ board of your choice and you got a high-ultra rig for well under a grand. Of course you can use an ssd, more efficient psu, or an intel cpu if you want to spend the entire budget. However this won't push gaming performance much.
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    I think this is a fairly solid build for your price range.
  3. We'll, thanks I think I will defiantly buy this one
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