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how to remove pc from safe mode
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  1. Be. More. Specific.
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    safe mode is part of the system os you could not turn it off.
    how to remove pc from safe mode

    Simply restart the PC. Safe mode does not automatically reoccur.

    (If it seems to come back on its own then what is probably actually happening is your video drivers are not loading and you are in a low resolution mode but not full safe mode. This happens when you need to re-install drivers or when the video system is too damaged to properly execute the driver.)
  4. What the others are saying might be true, but first try to turn it off in case you or someone accidently selected it to boot to Safe mode.

    click Start, then select "run"
    Type this: msconfig then hit enter
    Go to the "Boot" tab

    Ensure that no checkboxes are checked in the boot options section.
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