Has anyone ever used the UBCD?

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Has anyone ever used the UBCD?
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  1. Yes, I have. Both UBCD and UBCD for Windows.
  2. hi USAFRet, nice to meet you. welcome.
    [that claymation picture is great! i love claymation. that's awesome]

    so then you may know that there is the previous version and the new 5.1?

    i think that the two versions [1.previous version & 2. 5.1, for windows] are pretty much the same.
    have you used both versions?
    [if so, are there very many differences, other than the format, as in new programs?]

    have you noticed any useful programs that you used, and/or any that were "actually" helpful?

  3. Hard drive testing, diagnosing a troublesome PC, general testing of a brand new build.
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    I use it quite regularly for such things as recovering data from a hosed, non booting system prior to reimaging, removing virus/malware, imaging drives, pulling Plug and Play hardware ID's when looking for drivers, etc.

    Something to keep in mind though is that you can only use the tool on non encrypted drives, and, both UBCD and UBCD4Win are no longer maintained, the last update to UBCD4Win was 4 years ago.
  5. Testdisk is a great tool to learn to use effectively.
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