Is this a good overclock or too much Vcore

Hi :) I have a intel i5 4670k with corsair h55 water cooler on a Asrock z87 extreme4. Im currently OC at 4.7ghz. Perfecly stable. My Vcore is 1.7v and cpu cach volt at 1.6 Is that too much? Im getting 32 C at idle. And 85 C on Prime95.
Should i try lowering the volts? Its both set to adaptive.
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    Wow. I don't remember the specific spec for max Vcore for voltage on Haswell, but you're damaging your processor, if it has not already been damaged, at 1.7vcore. Your processor, if left at that voltage, will degrade very fast. Processors should be able to last a decade easily, but not at those voltages and temperatures.

    Surprisingly if those numbers are correctly stated then those are good temperatures for Haswell at 4.7ghz. You need to keep your Vcore in the 1.2 or 1.3 range. Voltage can kill a processor very easily, so lower it.
  2. Thank you so much :) For some reason i thought if i lowered my voltage i would get bsod just went to 1.4v (Vcore) and 1.3 cache. Im going to leave my computer at 4.6ghz and ill try to get voltage even lower.
  3. I second that, I am really hoping that is a typo.
  4. Unfurtunatley not :( I was at 1.7
  5. Most people suggest not going above 1.25V on an AiO water cooling system. Up to 1.3V on a custom loop. Anything much above that and you're talking about LN2 or dry ice.
  6. So how was i getting those temps?
  7. I wouldn't exceed 1.3V, and 4.2 to 4.4 is fine for a gaming system. Performance yields will be not worth the risk past that unless you're doing a custom loop.
  8. Well at 85 C it was likely throttling, 85 C is quite high. As for your idle, since you were using adaptive, Speedstep was likely working, so it would have lowered both your clock and Vcore.
  9. Thanks guys. Extreme dum mistake of me. Im currently 1.3 Vcore 1.25 cache 4.4ghz Should i go lower?
  10. I'm just glad he asked on this forum or he'd have a huge headache later figuring out what happened; processor is the last thing you would except to go :D

    You can try going lowering on the voltage without lowering the clock. My gaming system has an i5 at 1.110V/4.2GHZ only while it never goes past 70 on prime95. Depends on the chip though, some people have chips from good batches.
  11. Is that the lowest Vcore that is stable at that frequency?

    I would really try to get to 1.25V if you can.
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