Installed win 8.1. Automatic drivers?

I installed windows 8.1 all of last night after building. I was on xp and im a bit confused. 8.1 updated fully and has installed drivers automatically, i literally haven't used my mobo as yet, or gpu drivers. I have sound, net and i think my gpu is ok (not 100% sure as i'm literally having a look around)

Is this ok? If i installed the chipset/realtek/lan/amd gpu drivers would i just install them by double clicking if ones microsoft have installed? A bit confused...
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  1. The last time I installed windows 8.1 on a new build, the only driver I needed to update was the AMD driver for my GPU, everything else was working fine.
  2. Yeah, it's really confused me on what i should do :s i have noticed though i have sound from headphones, but not from my speakers/stereo.

    Would you uninstall the AMD gpu drivers (?) that were automatically installed, or just install the drivers from Amd by clicking/writing over? 8.1 has really fried my noggin.
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    I just installed the new drivers from the AMD website. I didn't have audio either, I was using HDMI audio, until I installed the GPU driver.
  4. Ah cool, so its safe to 'overwrite' then the microsoft/amd graphics automatic drivers for the real ones?
  5. ok, nice thanks. Apologies. 8.1 is kinda alien to me!
  6. Yeah, it is a bit different from other windows OSs
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