Is this the expected performance for my rig?

My system:

CPU: fx-6300 (OC 4.0)
CPU Cooler: Hyper evo 212
Graphics cards: 1x r9 270x, and 1x r9 270 (Xfire)
Memory: 2x4gb G.skil (1600 mghz)
PSU: 750wt corsair power supply
Mobo: MSI 970a g46
Storage: 1tb WD cavier blue

With this set-up i can only run the witcher 2 (with the very max setting: 1080p, AF 16x, etc) at 30-40 fps. Is this the expected performance?
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    Given that graphics card, yeah. I'd expect that performance out of it. (I have a 7870, same thing).
    Turn AF down to like x4 or x8. you wont notice a difference. and if you can, turn AA down to like x 4 or even x2 if you don't notice. Having settings that go to x16 or something gives you a game that looks 0.5% nicer for like 30% more work.
  2. Okay, good to know. Thank you :)
  3. Usually AF doesn't hurt the frame rate very much but AA does, it's the first thing to lower when seeking more speed.
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