My drive letters keep changing

I'm on my 3rd install of win 7 home sp1 and after a couple days it won't boot and goes to sys repair and never will work again till the next install. The thing that makes me do an install after system repair and sys restore fails to work and doing all the command prompts that people have suggested is putting hirens boot cd and going to mini xp is my local drive is somehow getting switched from c to d and I can't change it. I don't have a clue what's causing the drive change but once I see it, I have to reinstall the whole thing again...thanks
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  1. Not sure what that means...doesn't win 7 cd make its own partitions ??? I just redid my puter again and it worked for 3 days till I actually shut it off for a few hours and when I boot it up, it says to put in bootable media so I put in mini CPU and my local drive has been moved from c to d again
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