Whats the best possible budget gaming laptop?

I know you can't ask for much with a $700 laptop. But what would be the best possible choice for around this price ($700-850) for specifically gaming?
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  1. Focus on a discrete graphics chip.

    Check out the Lenovo outlet site. Filter on discrete graphics and see what is offered.
    Check out the strength of the graphics chip.

    Offerings change daily.

    Or, if you want new, filter on gaming and see what is offered. Here is one:
    Again, the key is the strength of the graphics.
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    I suggest the Lenovo Ideapad Y510p.
    A bit over your budget at 880$ (you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else, however), but it has dual (SLI) Geforce 755M, full HD display and a Core i5 CPU. I don't think you'll find another model better with better value for gaming.
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