Hdd to Pc via Sata to usb 3.0 adapter/ kabel

now this might be a stupid question, if so im sorry but I couldn't find anything regarding this.
I plan on building a multi hdd external case. The question is: can I connect the hard drive's via sata to usb 3 adapter or do i need something else (seeing as normal external hard drive cases have a chip and whatnot in them).

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To clarify what i mean is something similar to this:
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    You need some kind of adapter somewhere in the line; you can't connect SATA to USB 3.0 directly. Four of the product that you linked to will work fine if you have four USB 3.0 ports available. Are you willing to buy one of the many fine products that will take 2-5 SATA drives and present them to your computer over a USB 3.0, eSata, or Thunderbolt connector? Or are you going to use an old PC case? In the latter case there are probably members who could tell you better, but you could always run eSata cables to the old case, or use one of the famous port expander modules that have become a running joke around here to connect five drives to one eSata port, if that port supports port expansion.

    Generally, multiple-SATA to single-USB 3.0 adapters are not sold retail because folks can make so much profit building them into something like this:
    (a snide comment, not an endorsement of the product)

    Please do not bump; it's against the forum rules. Thanks.
  2. First off: Sorry about the bump!
    Secondly thank you for the answer.
    Well the idea is to make a custom case with space for four sata drives, however since this case will sit on my desk i also want to put some other things in it like an audio jack and a optical drive (which will be on a seperate usb so i can use it for netbook etc.). Now the idea was to just use four of those small usb 3 to sata adapters run those into a usb 3 hub and run that to the computer (or incase of future raid the possibility of having maybe even a second usb hub to run two cables). The power will come from a small power supply unit that will also power the optical drive along with 2 fans. The only question is really will my pc be able to read everything or if there is need of like a chip that controlls something regarding the hard drive (the question really came up because external hard drive cases have everything going over a chip).

    p.s. sorry about any spelling errors etc.
  3. If you want blazingly fast speeds you might go with a 4-port USB 3.0 controller with multiple PCE-e lanes. A USB 3.0 hub will work, but will limit your throughput.
  4. well seeing as for now im only going to be accessing one harddrive at a time it should be to much of a limit should it? usb 3.0 5gbit/s sata 6gbit/s
    in future if i decide to set it up as a raid i might make some changes but for now its just a way to use all my hardrives without having 4 different cases, and as they are all different size there is no point in going raid. maybe for christmas is get 4 x1tb harddrive and set it up as a raid 5or 6. Also i only want to run a limited amout of cables to my computer.
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