EVGA gtx 760 SC SLI with FTW Edition

Hey everyone

Quick question. I currently am running a GTX 760 and i am planning on adding another one in SLI. My question is can i mix a GTX 760 SuperClocked 2gb with a 4gb GTX 760 4gb FTW Edition. Only reason i ask is because the GTX 760 FTW is now only 5 bucks more then the 2gb version. Links to each are below. And specs right after. Thanks!

Corsair c70 Case
Antec 900w HCW Gamer
Asus Z87-Pro
16gb Kingston Hyper X
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    Yes but those 5 bucks are spent on nothing since it can only use 2Gb with the other in SLI. Maybe buy two and sell the 2GB card.
  2. Ok thanks for the quick answer. I forgot about that! But i may still grab it up for that price and when i upgrade next it might come in handy for another machine!
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