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I have an intel original Z - 75 board with core i3 3220 and 8 gb g skill ram and a low end asus gpu, assembled about 6 months back. The video settings in the BIOS were - IGD...DISABLED, Primary video adapter...PCI e - IGD Min memory - 128 mb (default) and IGD primary video port - AUTO
This system runs 2 monitors - one DVI and another VGA.
Yesterday I changed the IGD memory to 1 gb (max in my system) and you tube videos are playing without buffering even on HD quality.
I want to know if the IGD memory makes a difference even if IGD has been disabled as I am using a discrete card. I have read somewhere that the IGD first receives the graphics stuff and then hands it over to the discrete card...if true, could increasing IGD memory have helped?
My asus card has 1 gb of hyper memory which is not dedicated memory AFAIK. I am an intraday trader and graphics speed is important for me, but not gaming graphics.
another question - with one DVI and 1 VGA monitor,should the IGD primary video port be set to DVI (white), DVI (Blue) or AUTO (my current setting)

thank u so much for reading,
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    If your integrated graphics is disabled, the memory allotted to it will not change anything. Also, Youtube videos do not use video ram as buffer for the video content; it may just be your internet was a bit quicker than usual, since video buffering on youtube depends on your internet speed, not on your system specs.
    As for your 2nd question, I have to ask first, you do have both monitors connected to your discrete graphics card, right?
  2. hello breakfastdude,

    thanks for your reply...u may be right about you tube buffering...does that mean I can set the minimum memory for IGD to the least value in the drop down menu without any problem?

    regarding your query...yes both dvi and another vga are connected to the graphics card.

    thanks again...

  3. Yes, setting it to minimum shouldn't affect anything. You're not using your integrated graphics at all, so you shouldn't worry about the other settings about the integrated graphics. I'm thinking, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. hi breakfastdude,

    I take your ain't won't fix it...thank you very much..


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