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Hello, so I recently downgraded an iBuyPower laptop, i had bought used, to Windows 7 ( was previously running a non activated version of windows 8) but i was missing some very important drivers. I managed to find drivers for my wireless card but I cant find anything for my USB 3.0 port or my ethernet port. When I enter BIOS it says its an Insydeh2o but i still cannot find any drivers. I would really like some help here. Thanks

Full Build specs:
i7 2630QM
Nvidia GT 540m 1GB VRAM
12GB DDR3 1600Mhz
1TB SSHD (Hybrid)
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    If you look up your laptop model on iBuyPower's website, you can get an idea of what the drivers are and search from there.
  2. I dont know the model. That is part of the problem... otherwise i wouldve already used their website to find out..
  3. The model should be listed somewhere on the laptop--perhaps under the battery. Usually somewhere on the bottom. Otherwise, download HWiNFO and run that. Should tell you what you need to know.
  4. For the USB3.0 driver, because the win8 comes with it so when you downgrade to win7 from win8, you need download and install the USB3.0 from intel website but you need to make sure which USB3.0 it is by checking your MB manual.
    Other USB3.0 maybe the Renesas USB 3.0, you can download from here
  5. Found my model number and got the drivers I needed. Thanks for the help guys
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