Desktop PC Reboots without BSOD or any error, HELP!

Hi and good day to everyone, I have a desktop which randomly reboots without any hint of error or whatsoever, I've already cleaned it up, disassembled and reassembled all the parts correctly.I have a corsair vs550 atx power supply, i am using a NVIDI GEFORCE GTX 650Ti, my processor is FX-8350 AMD, 8GB G.Skill RAM, 1 TB Western Digital Hard Disk. I've already reformatted my Desktop, but still the problem persists. I have a hunch that it is the psu or the vid card but the system unit is only 5 months old. I don't know why this is happening, I am playing some games like Dota 2, Smite, CoD, Some are in high graphics and some are in mid range settings. Please help me. I am still trying to search on the internet for solutions but as of now there is no luck at my side. If ever there is a software to determine what error is occuring in my hardware parts, please kindly tell me, also please help me on how to troubleshoot this problem. Thank you so much in advance and Good luck to us all.
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  1. Thank you for the fast reply anonymous1, thank you for the advice, i already tried monitoring my voltages and temps, my CPU would reach upto 40 degrees, my GPU would reach 48 degrees and my motherboard would reach 39 degrees celsius. i would try memtest86 tonight. I hope there would other suggestions provided by other members of this forum. Thank you so much. Have a good day.
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