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Ok, I have 2 upgrade options and I need some advice! The end goal is to play Planetside 2 at 1080 on Ultra and be totally playable where it never dips under 30fps, but higher fps is better.

Here is what I have atm:
Computer #1: Its my home gaming system which I use for work as well. (I get between 40-60fps in Planetside 2 on ultra)
My rig = I5-2500K OCed to slightly over 4Ghz.
16gigs ram
AMD 7970 ghz
120gb SSD
250gb SSD

When I work out of my parent's house, and I am able to game there when I am not working (and wife permitting), but the current system falls a bit short on gaming ability.

Computer #2: AMD-FX6350
8 gigs of ram
some crappy 500GB hard drive I had left over from another build.
Nvidia GTX560ti 1gb.

In Planetside 2 on Ultra its laggy and often dips into the 20s and overall the playablity is just not very enjoyable. I had recently purchased the FX6350 to replace a FX4100 which was really slow. I would hate to replace the cpu.

Computer #3: I also have a 3rd computer at the parent's office which uses a much older duel core AMD and onboard graphics, but I never use it for gaming. Its a slouch with Vista and its slow, even for basic business programs.

So here is my question:
1. Do I upgrade the video card on Computer #2 and hope that does it?

2. Do I get a new Mobo and cpu for Computer #1 (4770 & good mobo/carry over video card, ram and SSD) and passdown the guts from Computer 1 to Computer 2, and then move the guts from Computer 2 to Computer 3?

3. Just upgrade the cpu (again) and mobo on Computer #2? And/or the video card as well?

Reason I ask is because I know the I5-2500K is still viable for gaming, and if its not worth the cash for an upgrade ($400 or so) because the increase in performance between the 2500K and a 4770 won't be worth the money, then does it make sense just to upgrade the FX6350 and or the video card and wait for the next big upgrade (Broadwell)? If its worth just upgrading the FX6350, what should I move to? You can see I have a lot of configuration options.

My personal thoughts is to replace the GTX560 for something like a GTX770 and call it a day, but I want to make sure it will play Planetside 2 at the settings I want before I make the investment. Also, the 4770 and a new mobo is around the same price as a new video card, so will a FX6350 with a GTX770 be better than a I5-2500K with a GTX560ti?

Thanks for the help! :)

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    Yep # 2 can do with a better GPU. AMD R9 270X or GTX760.
  2. I purchased a GTX760 from Newegg for $219 after rebate. I think that's a crackin' deal. Once it arrives, I'll post how it worked.
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