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Getting very much confused about one thing. I saw that AMD's Kaveri series got 3 types cpu. A10 7850K, A10 7700K,A8 7600. The thing is that there are 4 cores in each processor but the computing cores are 12 to 10. 4 cpu and 8/6 gpu. Whats this? How does these 12/10 computing cores work in these 4 main cores? Im so baffled about these 'two' types of cores. :??:
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  1. Blame AMD marketing for this. The 'computing cores' is just the number of CPU cores and the number of GPU cores added together. It's better to think of them like this:

    12 compute cores = 4 core CPU + 512 shader GPU (8 core * 64 shaders)
    10 compute cores = 4 core CPU + 384 shader GPU (6 core * 64 shaders)

    The computing cores thing is suppose to represent how Kaveri puts the GPU on equal footing with the CPU, but really just ends up as confusing marketing-speak
  2. Good lord! I thought that each works with it's own virtual power. I thought those individually. But why are these called with 4 cores if they got 12-10 cores?
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    4 core CPU + 6-8 core GPU - 10-12 cores, it's still only a quad core CPU, which is what most people care about.
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