PC will turn on for a few seconds then turn back off and repeat this cycle

I have had this problem before but it went away after leaving my computer for a few days, it is happening again but won't boot into the OS. I have tried clearing the CMOS which didn't work? And I can't really return any of my components because of my location.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    how old is the system/components you are currently running, could the capacitors have swollen? I see this all the time with Dell and HP repairs, I also see this regularly with older 3-4 year old PSU's on certain education systems, replacements usually fix the issue, might be worth getting a cheap tester psu to test your system board with, then slowly add components to see what fails.
  2. It could be an overheating issue. See if your computer has collected any dust on the inside, if there is clean it out with some duster or compressed air.
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