Need help first time pc build (noob)


this is the first time i am building a pc , and really i have absolutely after hours of google searching, no clue about anything - my budget is 600-700 euro

this is the build i have made so far

maybe anybody can make a better build for me on the site? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!! =D
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    Have u tried using It will do a lot t help u put to spec together, highlighting incompatibility etc.

    yo spec: y can ditch f sound card, motherboard will hav excellent sound built in.
  2. Just do it.
  3. Not a bad build, but you don't need a dedicated sound card now a days unless you're a true audiophile. Even if you are that audigy is hardly much better better than the built in onboard sound. Also the CPU cooler you chose is really meant for low profile cases. You're better off with a good tower cooler like something from Xigmatek or even just a Cooler Master Hyper 212.
  4. sunder25 said:

    that looks really nice , will i be able to have a nice fps in new games on the market? I use a tv as monitor =D

    thanks for the replies guys :D
  5. You should be fine playing most games on high.
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