Ubuntu 13.10 Issues After Memory Upgrade

Hello TH Community,

I just upgraded memory on a Dell Latitude E4310 from 2 X 2GB sticks (Hynix DDR3 PC3-8500S) to 2 X 4GB sticks (G.Skill DDR3 PC3-10666). While the BIOS detects the memory and the computer boots, Ubuntu does not load. A restart is triggered once the OS begins loading. Removing one stick of the new RAM allows for the loading of Ubuntu. However, attempting to load any system information once I've logged into my Ubuntu desktop causes Ubuntu to crash and the laptop to restart.

I'm running Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit. Has any one out there experienced anything similar? Again, the computer itself seems fine with the change, but not the OS.

Thanks much in advance for any suggestions. Will be posting to Ubuntu forums as well...
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  1. Memtest86+ may be on your live boot cd. Otherwise, make a boot CD of memtest from the link below and run it for a few hours (may not even require that long if it's really bad). It will tell you if your ram has bad sectors.

    Edit: It is on the Ubuntu installation disk. Just press down arrow key as it's booting. Select your language, then select "Check memory".
  2. Hi @pyro226, thanks for the response. GRUB gave me the option to run Memtest86+ and I did try running it, but it failed with an error of "too small lower memory". Not sure how to interpret that, frankly. I've searched online and this may or may not be fixable with a different version of Memtest86+?
  3. Same here. After upgrade from 2GB to 6GB memory, my windows 7 can boot and show 3.5GB available RAM. kubuntu cannot boot at all, it always triggers the reboot. Any update or hints? Thanks
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