how to make computer show its image on my digital hdmi tv from a windows 7 hp>?

i am trying to figure out why the image on my laptop won't connect wirelessly to my tv using wifi and hdmi cables currently. There's gotta be a way. thanks
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    If you have an HDMI cable involved it's not wireless anymore.

    What exactly are you trying to do?
  2. I am trying to eliminate the wires. I want my laptop image to show on my tv screen. Thanks
  3. Knowing the specs of your computer helps, what equipment you're using.

    Do you think we know what you're using?
  4. yes. I'm using an hp pavillion g series to connect wirelessly to a panasonic s60 tv. The TV connects fine to my cell phone. I think it might be a driver issue;
  5. There needs to be something in between that takes the signal from the laptop and sends it to the TV (and it's not the wireless).

    Walk through your EXACT setup. What steps have you taken?
  6. I am not that good with computers./ Please bare with me. I really appreciate your time and trouble. I don't know what to use to send the signal to the laptop. It's not a bluetooth tv. The tv connects to my phone with no problems. I just need to know what decive i need to send the signal via wifi
  7. Thankk you so much. I think I'll just buy the google chromecast converter. Also, I can't figure out why the image on my tv screen when connected with hdmi cable, is so large that I can barely navigate through it. I've tried to shrink the image but it seems to be distorted. In other words, the image on my laptop is fine, but the image on my tv is too big to see everything on the page. What do I do? I've tried changing the resoultion with nothing happening.
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