Lost applications when I deleted a user account.

Occasionally I get the parts together to assemble a low cost system to give to someone in need. I did that this past week. I purchased an old Gateway XP machine that had Microsoft Office installed on it sometime in the past. Then I created a new admin account named "Admin" and deleted the existing admin account named "Steve". Now applications like Microsoft Office are gone. Is there any way to recover them? or do I just have to toggle something on the new admin account to use them? Am I screwed? I was happy to find Office on this computer, because the woman I'm giving it to has a daughter in High School... The box only cost $30, I already had a spare 15" flat screen, keyboard and mouse. Any suggestions? I've never run into this in the past. Don't know why....
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  1. The programs are still there. Look for them in the start menu, or create shortcuts to them on the desktop by navigating to Program Files\Office (whatever) and looking for the programs.
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