2 displays (one on gpu, and one on integrated gpu)

I just got another monitor from a friend, and it only has vga. My gpu didnt support vga, but my onboard gpu did.

So I have my main monitor hooked through hdmi to my GTX 650ti and my second monitor to my onboard through vga.

The GTX 650ti can play all my games on ultra settings, so while i am playing on my main monitor, if i move it to the secondary monitor using the onboard gpu, would i start lagging?
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  1. Probably.

    Your 650Ti should have come with a DVI-I to VGA adapter, though.
  2. It didnt. It came with a wierd adapter that looks like a dvi but had some extra pins so it didnt fit.
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    You need to try the other of the two DVI ports, then. Those extra pins make it DVI-I not DVI-D. One of the DVI ports is DVI-I, one DVI-D.
  4. you're right! I didn't realize that there was a dvi-i and dvi-d. I thought they were both the same port lol.... I am now able to hook both my monitors onto my main gpu.
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