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I'm looking for a refresher and reminder. It's been a while. I have Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 installed on a Toshiba laptop. I started out with a fresh install of windows 7 last year, then installed ubuntu along side it. I'm selling my laptop, and getting a desktop (then I get to set it up all over again :). Before I sell the laptop though, I was asked to do a fresh install of windows 7 and make it the only OS on machine. Can I just follow the usual guide lines for "fresh install windows 7", and that will automatically rewrite as one main partition (combining old ubuntu partiion and old win 7)? Or do I have to do something special to the ubuntu partition first? Grub menu?
Also, I still have windows 7 iso on usb from last year's fresh install. Is there a limit to how many times you can install the same iso or register product key?
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  1. Use the recovery disc set that you should have made when your laptop was new. The recovery process will re-build all the factory default partitions, wiping out any that are currently on the hard drive. My Toshiba laptop recovery discs do that I know because I've used them a couple of times.

    The factory recovery partition may even be still intact on the hard drive. in which case you don't need a set of discs.
    Just hold down the '0' (zero) key and keep it pressed when you press the power-on button.

    There is no need to enter any Product Key when you perform a factory recovery.
  2. I should have put this in my OP, but I didn't get a disc with the laptop. There was, however, a toshiba recovery partition on the machine. But it was 13.5gb, and once I installed windows 7 from usb so easily, I deleted the Toshiba recovery to give room for ubuntu. So my question is, can I install from the same iso file on my usb again? As in typing this, I know there is another windows partition available in grub (other than boot) maybe that is a solution. I'm not home right now to check. I will tonight. Thanks
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