Brand new pc crashing, screen signal loss, pc power still on.

Hi guys,

So this is my work pc, company brought it only 2 weeks ago, and for some reason it just isn't running like it should. We have trend micro titanium maximum security, it doesn't say anything is wrong, so i also installed Malware bytes, it also says nothing is wrong, not even any registry errors come up. Basically what happens is i will use it for a length of time, and all of a sudden the screen goes black, no sounds are made, and on the scren it says no signal detected or something. Than after i guess 5-10 seconds the pc makes a single beep (just like the single beep you get when turning a pc on). Still nothing will come up so i don't think it is re-setting itself. I can press the power button once and it completely shuts it off. Turning it back on, no errors pop up, literally nothing it runs like nothing had happened to it and it just started normally.

I would really love some help on this guys, blows my mind because this is a new pc, only work websites are used really on it. (i should note though that on my break i have installed a game called 'hearthstone' it's a card playing game made by blizzard, when playing it does seem to make this issue happen within litterally about 2-5mins, where when it isn't opened it can be anywhere from 15min to multiple hours before it will shut off.)
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  1. Its under warranty if its two weeks old
  2. Outlander_04 said:
    Its under warranty if its two weeks old

    Yeah maybe, but as i said this is a work computer, we have already saved a bunch a important files on here that i can't exactly lose. Hence why i need a solution to this if any one knows what it might be.
  3. Anyone, please?
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