Please review my first build.

Is in AUD, I want to keep that price range. Any changes you would suggest please let me know :)

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  1. Good. For the case, I will save some bucks by getting a NZXT Source 210 (Elite) if you want.
  2. I think you've done really well there, I like it a lot.
    Only thing I might suggest is low profile RAM, those RipJaws can cause problems with coolers. You're probably alright with that MB and cooler, but the G.Skill ARES series are a better choice.
    Either 1600Mhz for the same $99 you already have -
    Or 2133Mhz for $6 extra (note that they are 1.6V though) -
    Nice build!
  3. Thanks a lot guys! I'll definitely check out the case and ram

    Changed the RAM but will keep the case:) thanks again
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