Can't access internet from start menu??

I made a stupid. First of all I downloaded a video to mp3 converter I didn't know ( and then, deviously hidden within the documentation was a 'registry helper' that identifies 'problems' within your computer and says "We can fix it if you pay for a subscription to our service". Well, after these two programs found themselves installed (and I don't even recall giving permission to install that second one!) I was unable to access the internet from the 'pins' in the start menu - specifically google's homepage and facebook. Thankfully I can still go through the desktop to use the net, but it's just not as convenient. I've tried repining the sites from my access on the desktop, but all it does is put a pin that takes me to the internet via the desktop rather than the more user friendly start menu setup. Can anyone tell me what I can do about this?

*edit* I immediately uninstalled both programs as soon as I found out there were problems, to no avail.

Another problem (with this site): I am unable to access the 'manage my profile' tab.. I click it and nothing happens. The other tabs are working fine, would this be related?
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  1. You should perform a full scan for viruses and malware. Run your anti-virus program and an anti-malware program. I suggest Malwarebytes (see below):
  2. if you have another installed ( firefox or other ) you can google "internet explorer" and download and reinstall..
  3. I did a system restore and 'rewound' my system by a week. Problem solved, lesson learned for the last time. No more downloading deceiving programs off the internet!

    By the way, using the malwarebytes program (which I found ineffective with similar issues in the past) did not resolve the issue and actually made internet explorer unusable even on the desktop.

    I do appreciate your replies, and well intentioned advice everyone. Once again I broadcast my appreciation to the members of this forum!
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