Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 OC - computer freeze during internet video, please help.

I recently upgraded my video card from a Sapphire HD 5770 to a Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 OC. I am able to play many games on the highest settings with no problems including Titanfall, Skyrim, Wildstar beta, GW2, etc. But while trying to play Diablo 3, computer would freeze. Freezing would just be plain frozen, no blue screen, no reboot. This was remedied by trying various different drivers from AMD and Sapphire websites. I found one that worked, which was the beta driver from AMD site.

But that apparently was not my only problem. When I play internet videos, I would freeze too. Youtube, netflix, etc etc...

I have tried many different drivers with no success. I have updated my motherboard drivers as well. I tried messing with the CCC settings, including deselecting the "enforce smooth video playback" option in the "global video quality" tab. I've also deselected the hardware acceleration in youtube/flash settings. I had previously overclocked my cpu, but went back to stock thinking I might not have enough wattage from my psu due to overclocking. All my temps are nominal during gaming, internet video, and idle.

My guess is that I either have a bad card which I'll need to RMA or my psu isn't enough to power my rig.

Here's my computer specs:
OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2Ghz (was 3.8Ghz OC but back down stock)
Mobo: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H rev. 1
Cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler, 2x 120mm case fans with LEDs
RAM: 12GB (Gskill 2x2GB 1600, 2x4GB 1333)
Storage: Crucial M4 256GB SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200rpm x2, Seagate 250GB
Optical: Generic DVD writer
PSU: PC Power and Cooling 750Watt

This rig was built around May of 2010.

Any suggestions or solutions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. anyone?
  2. Same problem here dude...Freeze and hang whenever i playing games and reach the highest exerting part...but i it is a no problem for me surf the internet or youtube...
  3. My problem was specifically internet video and only 1 game: Diablo 3. All my other games ran at the highest setting just fine with no lag or heat issues.

    I did RMA the card, and I am currently awaiting the new one. It should be arriving sometime this week.
  4. its a bios glitch. use atiwinflash to force flash any other bios from your manufacture page of the card. flash a newer one or older one. most cards come with 2 bios. in that case you need to ensure that you flip the switch or w/e to use the unprotected bios as the default bios is protected and cannot be flashed no matter what. i think there is a bios update for your card to remedy this issue. i know its late but maybe new people might fly through this thread so ill leave this advice here.
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